The Ultimate Learning Games for Kids to Boost Their Creativity by 100% | Learning games for kids to boost intelligence

The Ultimate Learning Games for Kids to Boost Their Creativity by 100% | Learning games for kids to boost intelligence

ultimate learning app for kids to improve creativity

Ever wondered which learning app for kids inspires them to be creative problem-solvers? Learn about this ultimate app used by tech-savvy parents globally, to build creative skills in children.

The best learning apps for kids, kindergartners, and early elementary schoolers cover a wide spectrum of educational offerings and entertainment offerings. This is the perfect age for kids to increase their social behavior and creativity. To teach these skills to children, there are a number of educational apps (free & paid) and innovative activities. While choosing a good learning app for kids in the age group 3 to 10 years, one should go beyond regular word and alphabet games.

What are Learning Games for Kids?

A learning game or educational game for kids is an application that can run on your mobile device (a phone or tablet) and assists children to learn a particular skill.

When we think of an educational game, that too for kids, it may be quite new for some parents, but believe me, it is what they need the most in current times.

Today’s kids are more into technology and they love to get involved in it at a very early age. So while selecting a suitable app as a parent we should be careful. The app we choose should focus mainly on two broad functions; be a creative teaching tool and a source of entertainment for your child.

How Learning Game Benefit Children?

This quarantine has made people stay at home rather than usual, as schools, offices, and the whole world is shut down. The lag of school activities will affect kid’s learning progress. So it is best to convert kid’s screen time into a useful activity of the day. Educational apps have done a great thing for children, making the learning process fun and easy. Additionally, these apps boost engagement through knowledge-oriented activities. The three main ways in which learning games benefit children are as follows:


1. Enhances Learning Methods

The introduction of applications in the educational field has led to the discovery of new learning methods. Along with the fun games available on a mobile application that helps a child to indulge into a healthy thought process. Mainly it helps students to understand things from their perspective.

2. Builds Parent – Kids Relationship

Often in a busy world, we parents are put into a situation, which doesn’t allow us to have some fun family time. A fun-filled education can be a solution here. Taking part in your kid’s creative activity and guiding them with good ideas, will make the process entertaining. It will help both the parent and child to understand each other very well.

3. Makes Screen Time Effective

Kids spend most of their screening time watching cartoons and playing games. Here I would suggest you replace it with the perfect entertaining educational app, which keeps them engaged and also helps to build a particular skill as they use it.

Types of Learning Games for Kids in the Market

There are tons of educational apps in the market, which can be roughly classified based on their service on a particular niche. By knowing your kid’s interests and talents, you can select them accordingly. The following are certain niches that are quite popular and useful to the kids.

1. Math Learning games

Math is a subject which most of the students hate, probably parents too. So it would be a great option to have the best math learning app for kids, which teaches math concepts in a creative way.

2. Language Training games

Communication is the most important soft skill that every child must be taught during their early age. Internet is filled with a plethora of language training apps for users of different age groups. You can choose the top language learning app for your child from the list recommended by the app store. Tip: Go with the Editor’s Choice as they review the app in-depth.

3. Drawing Activity games

Drawing is one such thing, which most of the children enjoy doing. Through drawing, we can teach them a handful of things which includes general facts, awareness of basic objects, and of course drawing.

4. STEAM Education games

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths, this niche does not fail to stimulate interest in a kid’s brain. If your child is more into science and technology, then STEAM apps are the best ones to choose from. So skills like creativity, imagination, visualization, storytelling, etc. fall under the Arts skills of STEAM education. Recently this area is getting a lot of attention as educationists and parents have started observing that children are not getting enough training in these skills which are actually very important for them to become problem solvers and innovators.

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