Top 3 Science Experiment kit for kids 5+ age group

Science Experiment kit for kids

In the era of online education, kids are missing real experiments of science. Science Experiments help kids to visualize things and understanding concepts.

But with the help of a Science experiment base game, we can teach our kids difficult concepts with ease. Kids love to see the experiments. With the help of a Science experiment-based kit, you can also easily explain the science behind the experiment.

I chose the top 3 Science Experiment Kit which your kids will love to try those experiments. These Science experiments Kit are 100% safe and kid-friendly. Let see

1. Einstein Box Science Experiment Kit

This Science Kit includes:
  • Explosive Science
  • Color and Crystal Science
  • Soap Science
  • Polymer Science experiments Under Explosive Science, the kid will get to do 4 experiments:

With this kit kids can learn following concepts:

  •  Learn about chemical reactions
  • Learn about the viscosity of liquids
  • Learn about capillary action
  •  Learn about crystals and absorption
  •  Learn about the phosphorescence and luminescence
  • Learn about polymers and material science and many more

2. Wind Turbine Science Kit

What your kids learn with this

  • Working model of a Wind Power Generator.
  • Generate electricity from a rotating turbine fan with the help of a pulley or moving air to a glowing set of LEDs.
  • Can be successfully demonstrated in classroom or science exhibition or fair.
  • How wind energy converts into electricity.
  • Develop scientific creativity.
  • Learn about renewable energy.
  • What is Generator?
  • How does Generator Work?

3. Hydroelectric Power Generation DIY Kit:

What your kids learn with this experiment.

  • Working model of hydroelectricity turbine.
  • Generate electricity from rotating pulley to glow set of LEDs.
  • How water energy covert into electricity
  • Learn about renewable energy.
  • And lots of funs

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